all KAL or what?

Yup, all KAL.

In this post I would like to present a big project which has been on my mind for many years now. It started off as an ideal of my sense of fashion and the world, got examined in a case study for my thesis, got transformed (obviously) into a bigger dream of beauty, morals and discovery (and a bit of craziness) and was finally, thanks to the great encounter with my friend and co-founder of KAL, Lisanne, made public last week! Ha!

So as I have kept this blog for quite some years now (oh wow, 3.5 years is a nice span) I would love to inform the wonderful readers of my blog about this project. And yes, also to engage them (you) and friends to interact with KAL.

First of all, some information ahead for the name… So one moment has remained a very clear memory when I first came to India: I was constantly asking my colleagues about meanings of words in hindi – I also wanted to know the meaning of yesterday and tomorrow. Well…

yesterday = KAL कल = tomorrow

So, it’s one meaning for two abstracts / opposites. Yes, I clearly liked that A LOT. So there goes KAL.

Now the question is what this whole thing is all about. Rather than explaining everything I would like to give a few words which pop to mind when I think of KAL:

strange – simple – original – imperfect – product – craftsmanship – garment – minimal – hidden beauty – special – people – creators – communication – evolution – inspiration – tradition – progress – esthetics – ethics – consumerism – need-based – practical – moral 

in short: grabbing the classical perception of garment production by its neck and going aaaaall the way back to the roots. And all along, aiming to discover tradition, learn simplicity, collaborate with craftspeople and create beautiful products. 

So if already there is interest and curiosity from your side, GREAT! Just get in touch with me or get connected to us via twitter:

We have our hands on the website so that will be coming along soon as well. For us it is important to document the evolution of a brand from idea to sourcing to creation to finished product to customer and and and. All good things take time. 

Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 2.16.24 PM


Thank you and a lovely day!



inspiration drizzle

yves kleine

yves klein

agnes martin

agnes martin

agnes martin

agnes martin

eva hesse

eva hesse

eva hesse

eva hesse

egon schiele

egon schiele

agnes martin

agnes martin



drizzles of inspiration are good, they happen all the time and just end up being there, existing. yet, it is so interesting to record them, keeping them in their context. the following images have been on my mind in the last week or so and every single one for a different reason.

i was lucky enough to discover agnes martin and eva hesse thanks to my dear friend lisanne. what i appreciate about their talent is this subtleness, this visual focus and balance. personally, it has a direct effect to me as the observer.

yves klein and his blue female bodies are just pure beauty – what else to say.

i only recently found out about ivo andric, have not yet read anything but found this quote wonderful enough: “What can and doesn’t have to be always, at the end, surrenders to something that has to be.”

another year has gone by and we know more. great.

on the sustainability/fashion/passion front there is also many nice things i have come across which amaze me and help me so much in thinking about the project which i am working on which, taaataaaa is called KAL. yesterday, tomorrow, whenever, you decide.

love, catherine


oh and before i forget: winter is slowly creeping in here in new delhi with new chai creations and soups and gloomy music. oh, so nice! sometimes we even have sunsets à la félix vallotton… with some imagination!

félix vallotton

félix vallotton


image credits: the(icouldnotlivewithout)redlist, and google finds (sorry for the inaccuracy…)



the smell of something good…











Wild nature certainly is something which I miss constantly in a big city like Delhi. There is nothing like walking barefeet in the fields, collecting veggies, observing rare species of insects, wandering, feeling free and out there. Soon soon soon!

These are all images from trips in Germany and Switzerland this summer.

Lovely day to you.

It’s NYFW and I am reviewing in silence!

Oh! I realized that I spend a fair amount of time reviewing the SS14 collections at New York Fashion Week without showing all of my favorites, the daring pieces, the pieces which underline a woman’s beauty, the avant-garde graduate collections of Parsons, there is just so much. 

I will make this post into a small ‘highlights’ summary and will elaborate more in the coming days. I am of course, thrilled to see more SS14 collections and of course, am waiting for October for Wills Fashion Week here in Delhi. 




The embroidered flowery shapes are making the body look very natural and aesthetic which is very beautiful and so skilled. Jacobs is just Jacobs and uses such ‘autumn colors’ (and lots of black) for this spring collection that it becomes a very interesting match.


Oh this jacket reminds me of a similar piece I had back in Paris, in a bordeaux red. The details are beautiful, the small thingies dangling – how I would love to see it live. It is very contrasty to see these pieces which personally, I would associate with a very sophisticated look, are given a very edgy look by hair and make-up. A propos hair, he seems to stay loyal to the style he gave in FW, short fringe and wild. Now it’s blonde, why not?!


Strong shoulders – Yes! And the more I look at the colors, the more I like them. This piece is in particular beautiful as shoulders are strong and high – the black border goes down in a V-shape and ends just above the hips, with a nice dangly chain around the waist. And the sleeve length just adds to this classy look.




The folding techniques which were used at Calvin Klein this season are beautiful – so subtle but with such a grand effect. I am not so sure about the long sleeves, but I do like the clear lines and the simplicity – well, it’s Calvin Klein…


Seams! Casually worn outside! I like the idea. I am a big fan of the simplicity of apparel, and of course, new ways to wear things. I think a woman’s collarbone is one of her most beautiful features and this dress gives it justice.


So this looks like a paperdress! It’s interesting. Top I like, the skirt though makes the look a bit out of proportion. Still nice to look at, but personally, I find something just not 100% right.

And now… a few singles:



Ohhhhh, Oscar de la Renta! What a gown, what a color, what earrings – such perfection. This is probably my favorite out of the whole collection as it is just so mind-blowing. His pieces are just so feminine, so charming, so rich in shape and fabric. Here in particular, it looks like a blooming carnation.


Phillip Lim, doing it right. This is such a nice earthy, organic print which he just presents in such a contemporary form. Taking the white and black contrast, yet the continuous batik look makes it stylish and wearable. I enjoy seeing two-pieced outfits which become one in the way they are perceived. The entire collection of Lim is very well done, I can recommend to have a look at it.



Alison Tsai, one of the Parsons graduates has done an outstanding job – using print, fabric, pattern in such an opposing way which comes together to a unique, harmonious feel. The colors are warm and appealing, it’s feminine, flowy, a bit wild – like a floating canvas.

I hope you enjoyed, have a look at the collections, it’s been such a pleasure to watch. 


Lovely day to you. 



The One and Only


Namaste everyone.

After having received my scans from films of the past few months and loaded with impatience and excitement to see them ALL I would like to show you a little selection I picked out for now, especially with more abstract photography. Photos were taken in my current home Delhi, the lovely Kullu region in Himachal Pradesh, Tessin in Switzerland, my hometown in Germany and at the cemetery where my granddad is buried.

As I have sold my darkroom supplies in December last year, I have now been dropping the film at a lab here in Delhi. After coming and going, I decided to go back to developing myself as for my style, the contrasts here are too extreme, blacks too black and whites too white.






























































wabi-sabi and nothing at all.



While taking a walk in the world of cyber, I have found out about wabi-sabi.

It gives me such great inspiration, this state, this concept, this philosophy that I must absolutely take a hello back on the blog.

I do not even want to add much, maybe just illustrate in images what wabi-sabi could mean to me.



Man Ray


Unknown - found on pinterest

Unknown – found on pinterest


Louise Bourgeois - Mother

Louise Bourgeois – Mother

Ryan Coleman

Ryan Coleman

Kintsugi ceramics

Kintsugi ceramics

Iris Bodemer Jewelry

Iris Bodemer Jewelry




Mark Sadler

Mark Sadler

When the fans is fanning, Delhi is screaming and flowers are drying.

When the fans is fanning, Delhi is screaming and flowers are drying.


Have a nice weekend everyone.

Oh, and I am currently reading Erich Fromm ‘To Have or to Be’, just at the beginning but a very enriching (yes!) read. A quote of Fromm to spark some curiosity:


“Freedom is not a constant attribute which we either “have” or “have not.” In fact, there is no such thing as “freedom” except as a word and an abstract concept. There is only one reality: the act of freeing ourselves in the process of making choices. In this process the degree of our capacity to make choices varies with each act, with our practice of life.”


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