You managed to find yourself on the ‘about’ page. 

Rather than writing a big novel, as I have previously, I would like to keep it short and bitter.




# On Friday, May 13th 2011 I played Lotto for the first time. 8 was my lucky number. I won 15.70 Euros

# One day I will suffocate in my studio due to an excess of clothing, mysterious books and tools of any kind

# I was convinced to stop believing in anything. No, not even world peace. That, the least.

# A weakness for flowers, strong coffee, old magazines, humorous clothing and bizarre sounds exists

# I fell in love with Paris and each day I hear complaints. Good to be here.

# The transformation into the ‘serious woman’ is very pleasant

# Simultaneously, the transformation into the ‘savage type’ is indispensable. Let’s be honest.

# I prefer empty swimming pools to the ones filled with water yet heads filled with thoughts rather than candy floss

# If the first question of a stranger is “What are you doing in Paris?” I feel… bored. Sick. Amused. And have no answer

# 22 degrees is a great temperature, otherwise summers are too hot in the city.

# Far away countries are a temptation I cannot resist.

# People surprise me every day.

# La fin.

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