Yeah, kind of geniusy-like, right?

Salut, here comes Charles Anastase! Somebody I have been quite impressed with, for some good reasons I think. Not only for these incredible plateau dungeon boots from fall 2009 – just for the big shoe work – which many people went craaazy about… I mean, come on… This is a SHOE! WOW! I love it, just because it is so exceptional. But much more I was amazed by the beautiful shapes and combination of material. I will just show some of the things which were most jaw-dropping to me. Huh!

The out-there-boots! They have some studs on the side, which just tops off this chunky-creepy look, and were also available in bordeaux red. Mhhh!

FALL 2010

Plugs + purple hair + black outfit (and a damn sweet one -> jacket vs. skirt vs. shirt...) + red plateau heels. Perfection.

Neck ruff and turban is THE combo. Just like bright blue and red.

Uhhhuuuu. Good make-up. Cute glitter scarf around the massive cardigan. And the flower neck ruff is so nice. I need something like that.



Overalls a bit different!

FALL 2009

I really, really adored this collection from AW 2009/10, it is so off-the-wall and with these crazy boots it makes it rough, but mixed with transparent, fragile looking material it’s so beautiful. It’s like “meeeeh, I don’t care what I dress like, just whatever.” And it looks so great. I could put up a hell lot of other pictures, but if you love them as much as I do just check it out.

and last but not least… SPRING 2009

Okay, that’s it for Charles Anastase. He is certainly in the big group of favorite designers of mine. I wonder if I could ever walk properly in these boots from the fall 09 collection… I have been thinking about that. Or in the heels just above. They look a bit higher than any of the other ones I own… Well, this I might know one day, might never know. I wish you a wonderful day!

Bisous, Catherine

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